Clay is made thanks to advanced technology of processing the natural raw materials such as dust, soil, sand and stones. During the production process there are formed thin sheets of different sizes, colors and structure, giving the result of high-quality products. These unique products have a whole kind of benefits. Easy assembly – no need for complicated building processes. Interesting image supplies – colors, shapes and structures. Wide range of usage – these products can be used indoor as well as outside of commercial buildings, public ones and private locals. They are natural, ecological, breathable - they have an excellent ability to circulate air, stabilizing the microclimate inside the rooms, preventing from risk of mold.
Thanks to our solutions we create healthy surrounding, take care of the environment, we can highly simply the building processes, emphasizing the uniqueness of the places in which they are placed.


- Walls
- Elevations
- Floors


- Durability
- Fireproof
- Resistant to frost
- Resistant to water
- Resistant to impacts
- Breathable
- Thin and light
- Environment friendly
Wall tile Cut Stone
Wall tile Wood
Wall tiles Stripedstone
Wall tiles Weaving
Wall tiles Travertine
Wall tiles Crossard Mushroom
Wall tiles Slate